Aloe Vera – The Benefits

The benefits of Aloe Vera to our health has become one of the hottest topics in the world of natural medicines. Aloe Vera has been found to possess so many different qualities that the list of its benefits to our health is growing all the time.


Aloe Vera is taken from a plant which is actually a member of the Lily family, although it resembles a very succulent Cactus. There are around 240 different types of Aloe Vera plant growing in the world but only 4 are used in making of commercial Aloe Vera products. It is found in hot dry desert climates of Africa, South America and Asia and has even been found in the tombs of mummies in Egypt being used a preservative. It is recorded in the ancient history books as being a favourite medicine of King Solomon and Alexander The Great!


The key to Aloe Vera is its long list of natural ingredients. There are 21 vitamins, 22 amino acids and a complex mixture of beneficial enzymes. It is generally recognised that amino acids and enzymes are the key to every fibre in our body. With Aloe Vera containing all known 22 amino acids it has often been called the “silent healer”. Sometimes it is not even known how it works on the body; the only proof is with the results. Every test by the FDA (food and drugs administration) has shown that Aloe Vera is perfectly safe and has less toxicity that a glass of tap water!. It is also approved as a medicine that requires no prescription and is safe to use from infants to the elderly


If you suffer from digestive disorders you will discover that Aloe Vera can help reduce the effects of Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcers and food sensitivities. Those suffering from these disorders have often had to suffer in silence but there are now thousands of documented cases of a genuine relief from the conditions


For your skin there are numerous benefits including help with anti aging, a longer lasting tan, relief from skin ulcers and eczema. Aloe Vera is also known to be a good treatment for burns and scalds and is often used in after sun products as it coats the nerve endings of the burnt skin to give it a protective layer.


We’ve all had those days when we feel our body is just too tired and lethargic. Everything seems to be an effort, to getting out of bed and having to go to work. Aloe Vera is known to give our body a boost. It also has a very beneficial effect on our body’s immune system making us less susceptible to common colds and flu. It is also reported to make you feel calmer and less anxious and to reduce the chances of having panic attacks.

There is so much to tell about the advantages of Aloe Vera I have put together some exciting information at Aloe Vera – The Benefits. Take a look and see if Using Aloe Vera will get your health back on track.

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